God’s Court Clerk


I offer up answers, the questions you all know
Answers clear the way, truth frees the soul!




Teaching children, preparing the young, cannot be up to only one
The teachers, mentors, the advocates, must help them overcome!

The lessons must protect the truth, without knowledge there’s no path forward
Your free will cannot exist, in clouds of lies, deceptions, it brings sorrow!

Knowledge, understanding, co-operation, important pillars, they help support a good life
Teachers, mentors, advocates, the builders, when selfless, fill a soul with light!



My hand reaches far beyond your world, both in and out of time
Many more, other worlds, thrive in peace, the betterment of their kind!

The forces that be, built those worlds, then fire and light
With the awakening, souls granted, a haven for a good life!

Like you, free will, knowledge, understanding, brought them their light
Still some faltered, their souls, their memory faded into the night!



Caring, tolerance, acceptance, a most difficult task to achieve
Uncertainly, confusion, contradiction, blind’s you, you can’t see!

You must be able to see the world, through the eyes of another soul
Walking in their shoes, living their life, the tradition’s they have known!

Your choice, it’s your free will, you make your soul dark and cold!
There’s no haven for the intolerant, no forgiveness, for hate you sow!



Strive for peace, tolerance, cooperation, the old ways don’t offer that
Old souls moved on, grudges, vendettas, should be left behind, their time past!

You have built great societies, they can be changed to work for the good
Tearing down what you have achieved, my want for ignorance, misunderstood!

Peace, tolerance, cooperation, knowledge, the new principle if declared
Wonders of the universe revealed, your world will be spared!



Now is the time to break the chains, chains that shackle your mind
Your will, your thoughts, must be clear, chains can no longer bind!

The truly enlightened will never demand worship, never want your mind
Those who demand chains of obedience, their souls have lost their light!

Given a soul that craves knowledge, discovery, your greatest time
Truth's of life surround you, knowledge will open your mind!



The soul does not enter the body, until offered a conscious mind
Your will, your spirit, is awakened at that time!

The heart would seem a likely vessel, the core of your life
But the soul’s place, imagination, free will, memories, is still your mind

Minds, sprits, souls, brought to the world, unwanted, unloved, then reviled
A fate for some, filled with hunger, loneliness, the pain of denial!



I have offered messages, brave people have stood in the past
Spoken for me, words taken, twisted, used to defile and attack!

Houses of men, counting on ignorance, using confusing speech
Have muddle good words, twisted them, put acceptance out of reach!

Lust for power, dominance and fame, killed the messengers, but used their names
These House’s offer ignorance, blame, taking life cannot relieve you of your shame!



Mankind’s end is not certain, time demands you change your ways now
The day has been set, but the clock has not yet been wound!

Knowledge will be your savior, ignorance is your foe
It will take all the force of Mankind, all must now know!

I am not afraid of losing your love, I’m inherent in your soul
Ignorance offers you nothing, now your minds must grow!


The Brave will step forward,while others fade away
The Brave offer justice, to clear the way!

New Principles of Man
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